I first want to say how grateful and excited I am to have friends I have known for years as well as newly acquired friends responding to my website postings already. My web designer says the site has a lot of responsive activity with many needing reply.

There is a side to this site that has been linked to social media programs such as Facebook and Instagram that are programs I have NO idea how to use. Last week, my web designer got hit with a very heavy work load attached to deadlines so she hasn’t had breathing room to “teach” me what to do, how to organize and respond to this part of the site. But I promise, I will soon learn one way or another so I can somehow fumble my way back to you.

You are so important to me! Please hang in there and again, thank you all for your support and understanding. I am continually being reminded, embarrassed and overwhelmed with all the things I am not yet savvy to and for the many things I have yet to learn at this point.