Rethinking My Plan

After a good night’s rest, I woke up excited to give it another go until I heard a faint tapping noise against my window pane. You guessed it; another day of rain! Although I was happy to get our desperately needed California showers, I was disappointed about not getting back to the site I’d found to paint. The angle of the shifting sun’s light after two to four days can change a scene drastically for a painter.

However, looking on the bright side from being indoor bound gave me an opportunity to rethink what I was actually hauling that helped sink the kickstand into the ground. Hating to admit it, I needed to get rid of excess weight I really didn’t need. I ended up spending a good part of my day fighting with what to include and what not to include in my gear. It was worse than getting rid of my favorite boots I hadn’t worn in over 30 years. Grudgingly I eliminated, reorganized, and repacked my gear into two small saddlebags and two shallow compartments inside my easel. If that doesn’t work I go to plan two…………diet!

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