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“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free..”

– Aristotle

Hold On – I’m Back

While I was gone, I hope you have been producing a lot of masterpieces! As all of us are well aware these days, life sometimes brings us unexpected patches to deal with that we hadn’t planned on. I am no exception.

Time Out

I first want to say how grateful and excited I am to have friends I have known for years as well as newly acquired friends responding to my website postings already.

Anita Hampton Bike with Easel

Hang in There!

All a painter really needs for this exercise is one dark color and one light color. For example, white or a very light yellow can be used for the light color and brown, gray, dark green, or black for the dark. Extremes are best in

The Second Time Around

As Dr. John J. Medina, a molecular biologist, said, when acquiring new learning skills, it is best when you, "Repeat to remember and remember to repeat".