The Native is Restless

Another wet Monday and another change of plans. I will admit, mentally gearing up for a painting day and then suddenly being hit with disappointment plays havoc with my emotions. Like an Eveready battery, “en Plein air,” painters need to always be ready in mind, body, and soul at any given notice. We are literally slaves to weather conditions.

During last week’s rains, I spent most of my time learning how to get in the game of “social media”. Thanks to Penny, my Master web designer and social media guru, I am slowly learning what I need to do as I fumble through it all. The learning curves have been extremely challenging for me. So trust me when I tell you how appreciative and grateful I am that you are following my journey in spite of myself. I promise I will shed a lot of insights into the life of a professional painter, which will include numerous painting tips with many adventurous stories that will entertain you, I’m sure.

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