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Too Beautiful for This Painter

Totally stunning! I wish I could have painted all the beautiful colors I saw today in all the right places! One thing about Mother nature is when she displays her glory, she definitely makes you feel humble.

I began a little after 8:00 am loading the bike on the car rack and packing my painting gear in the bike bags. I tried NOT to get too anxious about taking so long while that golden hour was passing me by. I arrived at the Park for an hour and 45 minutes later. I stored the camera upfront in a small case attached to the handlebars. The load was definitely much lighter than last time but not quite light enough for the bike to stand on it’s own….but I’m getting closer. I began painting on location around 10:30 am.

I took more time taking photos with the camera than my painting could really afford. The beauty was breathtaking everywhere I turned. I was forced to record it on the card. I arrived back home and finished unpacking around 3 pm. Anxious to see what I captured on camera and not realizing I had taken so many shots, I froze my computer, trying to open all the files. Continuous shooting mode sure adds up images fast.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to see a photo, even now, as I write this at 8:00 pm. I wanted to show you some images, but I’m afraid it will have to be another day. Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny with more clouds…OHHHH BOY! I’m afraid the computer and images will have to wait since I must PAINT WHILE THE SUN SHINES!

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